Corona-proof Pizza Speed Dating

Last year we frequently met online. However, Lasya misses seeing you in real life. That why the ActCie presents it’s next activity with pleasure: Pizza Park Picknick! On May 30 at 4pm we invite you to speeddate at café Lasya. It’s located in Park Brakkenstein. We’ve got sitting spots across the park. The servants of the ActCie make sure you’ll have food and drinks from our menu. But don’t get too attached to your table partner, because every fifteen minutes we’ll switch partners! Are you enthused for an evening in our cosy restaurant? For only 4 euros you’ll have a spot! Of course we will keep distance and respect the current corona rules, so we can enjoy a corona-proof activity!
Please see the Lasya Discord or Whatsapp for the sign up link!

Beware, if the weather is bad we’ll have to reschedule this activity.