Monthly Archives: May 2018

Lasya members camp

In the weekend of 21-22 April the second Lasya members camp took place! This time we spent the night in Breukelen. On Saturday we started with a Crazy 88 through the city center of Utrecht, and ended with our own version of a playbackshow. On Sunday we went bouldering and the nice weather made an water fight possible. It was really fun. KampCie thanks!

High Heels Workshop

On saturday the 24th of februari we participated in a high heel workshop from our own teacher Diane in her studio Pole Passion in Cuijk. We learned another side of pole dancing in a fun workshop. After a wobbly start on the heels everyone has successfully learned a choreography. Afterwards we we went for a drink in Cuijk. Thank you Diane for the fun workshop!

Acro Yoga

Januari 21, old Lasya member Nienke and her partner gave an acro yoga course! In duos People have been sitting, turned upside down and flown like an airplane. Thank you very much for the fun workshop!

Cocktail Night

Wednesday 10 Januari the first activity of this year took place, this time the cocktail night! The table full of delicious drinks, ready to be mixed were received with enthusiasm. The limbo competition was present, very fanatical twister was played and we danced. Good start of a new pole dance year!

Everything Aerial

On Saturday the 16th of December the annual Everything Aerial took place. Everyone enjoyed the chance to play with some nice toys, such as aerial silks, the hoop a cube, flying pole and more.  

The proceeds went to the charities of the RAGweek: Stichting 113Zelfmoordpreventie en Stichting ACNS Projecthulp

Pole Fusion Festival

On December 3rd a group of enthusiastic Lasyanen traveled to Brussels for the Pole Fusion festival. After 6 weeks of hard work they put down a beautiful act that was characterized by the illusion of time. They stood next to acts from Norway, Turkey and Belgium. Amazing first international performance! Thanks for the hard work Hanka Venselaar and Michel Kao, we couldn’t have done it without your help! If you also want to enjoy the show check the performance here:

Sint Nicolaas activity

On wednesday the 29th present was Saint Nick.
Members brougt their own presents, it was hard to pick.
Who went home with what present chose the dice.
Some with a tear and some with something nice.
A great evening with new members, it all went according to plan.
After such a party, Saint Nick hopes to be invited again.

Drinks at the Fuik

On Thursday 16th of November the first Lasya drink of this year was held in the Fuik! It was a nice evening in which the different committees were present to explain what they do. It was a successful evening in which some committees got new members. At the end of the evening also some options for new committees were discussed; some more serious than others.  

Exchange with F.E.L.

On Wednesday, October 25 a number of Lasya members participated in a training of survival club F.E.L. It was a very nice evening! After a good warm-up we participated with the members and we did all sorts of different survival techniques, such as wood chopping, rope climbing, monkey swinging, and even pole climbing! It appeared that our pole dance muscles came in handy, but survival is yet another branch of sport.

On Sunday evening November 26th the members of F.E.L. were at Lasya for a
workshop pole dancing! They were very enthusiastic, and because of their muscle strength they were also very good. It was a very nice and enjoyable evening. We really liked that FEL did so well and also enjoyed it so much. Who knows, this exchange is worth repeating!