Pole dancing at N.S.P.V. Lasya

Welcome to the site of Nijmegen student Pole Dance Association Lasya.



Schedule Friday training sessions:

Friday  07 Sept: Hanka
Friday 14 Sept: Diane
Friday 21 Sept: TraiCie
Friday 28 Sept: Diane
Friday 5 Oct: Hanka
Friday 12 Oct: Diane
Friday 19 Oct: TraiCie
Friday 26 Oct: Diane 
Friday 2 Nov: TraiCie

Upcoming events:

Sinterklaas activity 

Very soon we expect Sinterklaas to visit Lasya! We expect you too on thursday 29th of november 20:00 at the Marie Curiestraat 19C. We ask you to bring a small present (2-3 euros) and something else you already got at home that you want to give away as a present. 
Don’t forget to sign up via actcie.lasya@gmail.com if you didn’t do so yet, last sign up day is 26 november. See you there

Lustrum: Mermaid Swimming 

 On Saturday, December 8, two courses of mermaid swimming will take place

HOW: Mail to lustcie.lasya@gmail.com
Mention: Whether you have access to a car
WHEN: Registrations are open until 1 December.
PRICE: 14 euro
ATTENTION: there is only room for 24 people so be quick to give up!

Lasya Movie Night 

Because of the Lustrum, this year’s show night will be extra big, by basing it on a well known movie! 
Are you curious which one? Come and see at our movie night December 19th and be the first ones to know!

Send an email to pactcie.lasya@gmail.com to let us know you will be there.

Past events:

Crazy Questions & Drinks

November 15th it was time for a drink again, this time the theme was crazy questions. The questions were very interesting  and sometimes a bit weird. And of course a heated discussion about pineapple on pizza took place. It was very nice and everyone learned funny things about each other.

Halloween drinks! 

On October 25th we had our Halloween “borrel”. Everybody who came looked amazing and scary. 

New Member Activity 

On Monday the 22nd of October we had some drinks with our new members, to get to know them and inform them a bit more about our association. 

Workshop Samantha Star 

Samantha Star’s workshop took place on October 7th! We learned a lot and had a lot of fun! We want to thank Sam Star for coming and we want to thank everybody who participated! 

Lustrum Activity 

On 7 October we had our first Lustrum Activity to celebrate our 5 year anniversary. We did this by going to a play paradise! We had soooo much fun together and we hope to see you all at our next Lustrum Activity!

Lasergame (member activity)

On  September 27th  we played a game of laser tag! We want to thank all members who came for the nice evening we had! 

Back to School Drinks 

On September 27th we had our first “borrel” of the year in Riley’s Pub! We enjoyed ourselves, we hope you did as well! 


Open training 

The open training sessions are over. We want to thank you all for coming! We hope to welcome you as a new member soon!

General Member Meeting (GMM)

Last week we had the GMM of N.S.P.V. Lasya. During the GMM the change of the board took place. The new board consists out of:

Chairman: Lotte Dirchs
Vice-Chairman: Carmen van de Langenberg
Secretary: Tuyet Nguyen
Treasurer: Jeanne Seesink
Commissioner for External Relations: Laura Markhorst

We want to thank everybody who was present at the GMM and we want to thank the 5th board for the past year. You had an amazing year and we hope we will have an equally fantastic years as you had! Thank you all very much!


Last Saturday we went bouldering as an end activity. Here we were able to use our built-up strength as pole dancers. And of course we could not resist putting in some pole dance moves.

Workshops Shaina Cruea

The day after the NSK on Sunday June 17th, we had two fun and educational workshops from Shaina Cruea. Starting with the workshop ContemPOLEary flows in which we learned some nice moves on the spinning pole. Then the workshop Perfect lines where we worked on our lines.

NSK Poledancing

After months of preparation, the 16th of June finally arrived, the day of the NSK Poledancing. Already at half past eight in the morning the construction was started. Around 11 o’clock the first participants arrived. After all the muscles were warmed up, the beautiful outfits were put on and the glitter was in place, it was time for the competitors to go on stage. We have seen some beautiful acts!

Active members getaway

Last Thursday, the active members’ outing was organized as thanks for all members who have worked hard for Lasya last year. The members have worked in committees and helped with performances and workshops. Thanks again to the members, thanks to their dedication, Lasya has a year to be proud of!

Diner roulet

Last Wednesday the ActCie organized a very nice activity, a delicious Diner Roulet! The starter, main course and dessert where al at another house. Thanks to ActCie for organizing and cooking the delicious food 

Lasya members camp

In the weekend of 21-22 April the second Lasya members camp took place! This time we spent the night in Breukelen. On Saturday we started with a Crazy 88 through the city center of Utrecht, and ended with our own version of a playbackshow. On Sunday we went bouldering and the nice weather made an water fight possible. It was really fun. KampCie thanks!

Ice skating

On wednesday 21st of march we went ice skating with Lasya. It was a fun evening on the ice  with hot chocolate at the end. A big thanks to the ActCie who organized the event!

High heels workshop

On saturday the 24th of februari we participated in a high heel workshop from our own teacher Diane in her studio Pole Passion in Cuijk. We learned another side of pole dancing in a fun workshop. After a wobbly start on the heels everyone has successfully learned a choreography. Afterwards we we went for a drink in Cuijk. Thank you Diane for the fun workshop!


Januari 21, old Lasya member Nienke and her partner gave an acro yoga course! In duos People have been sitting, turned upside down and flown like an airplane. Thank you very much for the fun workshop!

Cocktail Night

Wednesday 10 Januari the first activity of this year took place, this time the cocktail night! The table full of delicious drinks, ready to be mixed were received with enthusiasm. The limbo competition was present, very fanatical twister was played and we danced. Good start of a new pole dance year!