Pole dance courses and training Nijmegen

Training at Lasya

Lasya provides training every Monday night on two levels:

20.00-21.00: beginners
 The beginners hour is for anyone who has little or no experience with pole dancing. Here you will learn the basics: turns, climbing, sitting in the pole and even upside down!

21.00-23.00: free training This
hours are intended for additional exercise, for example for competitions or just for your own enjoyment. You can gain inspiration and working on tricks that you want to control. The TraiCie is always present to help you, catch and guide, so you can practice at your best!

Also every Friday night there is a training session:

19.00-20.00: intermediate
The intermediate training is for anyone who can go upside down independently. 

20.00-22.00: intermediate and advanced students
during these two hours anyone who knows what a vertical break is can let off steam.  Lessons are interspersed with hours in which you can train for yourself, so that there is enough space to work on the techniques you want to develop for yourself. The classes are a kind of ‘ hobby hours ‘ of our teachers, in which they can teach you things you will less quickly encounter on the RSC courses. No lesson is as the same!

The Friday workouts will be arranged alternately by our teachers and the TraiCie. For the intermediate the first hour is this alternation not very noticeable, there will always be a training, wether given bij the teachers or by the TraiCie.  For the (half) advanced (20.00-22.00): during a training of the TraiCie there is free training, so learn from each other. Of course, the members of the TraiCie are ready to help you on these days . During the trainings of Hanka and Diane you will really learn stuf. You are always free to train (for a competition for example), as long as youwill not upset the lesson.

All trainings take place in Multizaal 2 at the RSC (Radboud sports center).

Schedule Friday training sessions:
Friday  07 Sept: Hanka
Friday 14 Sept: Diane
Friday 21 Sept: TraiCie
Friday 28 Sept: Diane
Friday 5 Oct: Hanka
Friday 12 Oct: Diane
Friday 19 Oct: TraiCie
Friday 26 Oct: Diane 
Friday 2 Nov: TraiCie

Train at the RSC

The RSC offers pole dance courses at three levels. Level A is intended for beginners, who have little or no experience with the pole dance sport. If you have completed this course or if you already have experience with pole dancing, you’re welcome to level B for half-advanced. Level C is reserved for the more experienced pole dancers. Click here for more information on the different courses.

To follow the lessons at Lasya and the RSC you need to have a valid sports card.