Supplies and material

What do you need during a pole dance class? A brief overview below.


During pole dancing your body needs freedom to move, so it is important that you wear smooth clothing. During pole dancing you use the friction of your skin, so you don't slide down. Therefore it is recommended to wear a top or a t-shirt with short sleeves and a (tight) short trousers.


During your lessons you may find that you need more grip. Most pole dancers always have a towel with them to wipe sweat from their hands and of the pole. If this is not enough, then there are also other ways to get more grip. During the lessons, there is always a container with magnesium. You can put the magnesium on your hands, then they will be slightly drier. You can also purchase tools. There is a lot to obtain on the Internet, from liquids you have on your hands to resin that you lubricate on the pole.

Tip: Don't put any bodylotion on your body the the day before you go pole dancing! This way you won't slip of the pole.


The most important thing you need for pole dancing is of course the pole. We have 6 X-poles in our rehearsal room. These are good quality poles, specially made for the practice of the pole dance sport. There are six piles with a diameter of 45 mm, but sometimes poles can be used with a diameter of 50 mm. When the diameter gets thicker it may be more difficult for the hands to get a good grip, but because of the larger contact surface you will stay in your moves more easily. Every pole dancer has its individual preference!