Karaoke Night

Dear Lasyans,

Whether you’re eager to dazzle others with your angelic voice, brave enough to share your less-than-perfect notes, or if you’re just in the mood to enjoy some live performances with a refreshing drink: Lasya’s Karaoke Night at the famous Karaokebar Roxy is your ticket to a memorable evening.🎶🎤 Throughout the night, showcase your star qualities to your fellow Lasya members. And remember, our highly credible research conducted by ActCie confirms that a touch of liquid courage can significantly uplift your karaoke skills!🍸 That’s why everyone will be greeted with a welcome shot🥃, setting the stage for an unforgettable night of music and fun.💃🎶

As a side note: the 28th happens to be the birthday of our lovely Jeanne!💜🥳 Jeanne has worked hard for the ActCie for 5 years💪 Let’s celebrate!! 

So keep February 28th blocked in your agenda’s! Shots are first come, first serve, so be there at 21:00 SHARP❗️


the ActCie