Lasya’s Movie Madness

When: 22-11 from 7:30 (new members) or 8:00 PM

What: Lasya’s Movie Madness Borrel

Where: Cafe Wunderkammer

Who: Everyone 😊

Dear Lasyans 💜,

Are you ready for….. a borrel full of movie madness? 🤩🍿🎥🎬🎞️

On november 22th we dress up like our favourite movie characters or actor/actress and have a fanciful drink 🍸 and of course, the Bocie will quiz you on your Hollywood knowledge 🤩💃🕺🏼

As always, a great opportunity to meet fellow Lasyans and make new friends. For those who are well acquainted within Lasya, you’re welcome at 8. If this is one of your first times going to a Lasya borrel or activity, be welcome at 7:30 to meet the Bocie or other new Lasya members! 👯‍♀️👭

Hope to see you there for a splendid night of fun 🤩 

Greetings, the Bocie