Dutch National Student Championships (NSK) 2023

N.S.P.V. Lasya had the privilige of organising The Dutch National Student Championships of Poledancing of 2023!

Thank you all for participating, watching and volunteering! It was a fantastic day!

Of course the winners deserve some extra celebration

For the beginner categroy the winners were:

1st – Guusje T.

2nd – Sanne F.

3rd – Lieke van der Z.

For the Intermediate categroy the winners were:

1st – Isabel A.

2nd – Jeanne S.

3rd – Cahelle V.

For the Advanced categroy the winners were:

1st – Hanna R.

2nd – Veerle van W.

3rd – Anne E.

For the duo’s categroy the winners were:

1st – Maud N. & Stijn van H.

2nd – Sanne F. & Miki M.

3rd – Kyra H. & Inge H.

For the special categories the winners were:

For best costume – Veerle van W.

For best story – Rick V.

For best flow – Guusje T.

For questions, email us at nsk.lasya@gmail.com