We are very thankful for the members who are actively working for the Association. By registering for one or even several of our committees they keep the Association going. In this way, all members enjoy different activities every month with lots of fun.

Active members wanted!

Both the activities Committee (ActCie) as the pole dance-activities Committee (PactCie) are looking for new members! Do you feel called to help us organize cozy activities? Experience is not a requirement. You can sign up for the actcie.lasya@gmail.com and for the PactCie via ActCie via pactcie.lasya@gmail.com

  • GAdCie (Large Advisory Committee)

The GAdCie gives advice to the Board of the Association. They consist of old Board members and active members that want the best for N.S.P.V. Lasya. If the Board has a problem the GAdCie will always be there for them. The GAdCie also helps the members of the Assosiation. Do you have a question and you cannot go to the Board? You can always email to gadcie.lasya@gmail.com

  • ActCie (activity Committee)

The Actcie organises non pole dancing activities, they focus on socializing and getting to now each other better. You can think of new year’s receptions, bowling, laserquest, and much more. Have ideas for the ActCie? Mail to actcie.lasya@gmail.com

  • PactCie (pole dance activity committee)

The Pactcie organizes activities related to pole dancing, like street pole, competitions, workshops and shownights. So, you will be introduced to the world of pole dancing outside of the classroom! Do you have suggestions? Mail to pactcie.lasya@gmail.com

  • TraiCie (training)

The trainings lessons that Lasya organizes are accompanied by members of the TraiCie. They all have the necessary pole dance experience to ensure a safe that the training sessions. They ensure that the dance poles are safely build up and down and they can help you catch on that trick you haven’t quite mastered yet. They also give the beginner’s class twice a month. You can recognize the TraiCie by the bordeaux red top!

  • KasCie (Cash register committee)

The cash register committee check the work of the Treasurer.

  • IntroCie (introduction committee)

The Commission regulates introduction events, promotion on the markets, demonstrations and workshops on the sport days of the Radboud University and the University of applied sciences of Arnhem and Nijmegen. They provide promotional materials and plenty of enthusiastic members who want to help out at the above mentioned activities. They are also responsible for the training possibilities, so that demo-dancers can practice their act. Would you like to help out during the intro or do you have other questions related to the introduction? Please mail to intro.lasya@gmail.com

  • KampCie (kamp committee)

Once a year the camp committee organizes a weekend away for the members. During this weekend, fun games and workshops will be organized (and a bit of pole dancing). Do you want to organize the camp next year? Then sign up for the Kampcie via: kamp.lasya@gmail.com

  • BoCie ( drinks committee)

The BoCie, also known as the drinks committee, organizes fun theme drinks throughout the year. During these drinks, members can enjoy a drink together. Depending on the theme, there will also be other activities such as playing a game together. Are you interested in organizing fun get-togethers? Mail quickly to bocie.lasya@gmail.com