Upcoming activities

Wonder what the upcoming activities will be? Take a look here!

Dear members,

February is just around the corner so it’s time for yet another monthly overview!
This month is swamped with activities so take a look below at all individual promos!


Dear Lasyans,

As you all know, this year is our 10 year anniversary! Woooo!!💜✨

To celebrate, the committees have been working very hard to put their all into the activities this year.💪 But we do understand that it can be a little much and overwhelming at times.🫨 Therefore, we have made this handy overview for you, so you don’t miss out on our big activities!🤩 Their promo’s have either already been shared, or are yet to come, so we will spare you the details. Put these dates in your calendars, as you don’t want to miss out!


the committees and the board💜

Bi-annual GMM

Hello everyone, On February 21 it is time again for the bi-annual GMM. Here we will discuss, among other things, the half-yearly reports. You can

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Dear first year members and old folks, Are you ready to enjoy an epic journey through the hidden gems of Nijmegen’s pub scene? Whether you’re

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Karaoke Night

Dear Lasyans, Whether you’re eager to dazzle others with your angelic voice, brave enough to share your less-than-perfect notes, or if you’re just in the

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