Shows and Performances

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8th of June

The theme for the 2024 Lasya Shownight Is “Aeterna: Dancing Beyond Time”.

Lasyans will take you on a spectacular pole dance journey through different eras and time periods!


If you’re interested in helping out during the shownight you can sign-up as a volunteer! There are many different tasks to help with from making stage decor before the show, to cleaning poles between acts, scanning tickets amongst other things. Performers are also welcome to volunteer. 

Volunteers get free entrance to the Shownight. Keep in mind that you may miss parts of the show while volunteering.  You can sign-up by clicking on the follwing button:

Please note that if you are a volunteer, you don’t need to buy a ticket. The EventCie will put you on the list.


The ticket sale is now open. There are different tickets available depending on Lasya membership and whether you are performing or not. Note that volunteers do not need to buy a ticket.

If you are unsure of what ticket you should buy, you can follow our helpful decision tree above.

Tickets can be purchased via the following button:


Signups for the show are opened to all Lasya members!

Will you perform as dinosaur in the Jurrasic era? As a knight from medieval Europe? Or perhaps as a flapper from the 20s? (Or maybe even a robot from the future?) Anything is possible at this year’s Shownight!

Signups were closed on February 1st


N.S.P.V. Lasya organises a show every other year. 

This year, Lasya is organising a Shownight: Aetherna! 


It is possible to book N.S.P.V. Lasya to perform. We offer performances at any location. We can bring our own, mobile pole. The duration of the performance depends on your wishes. If you have a specific wishes, like a certain song, for the performance, that is no problem, just let us know. The price of the performance depends completely on the type of performance requested. Different requests demand different preparation times and thus will end at a different price.

Examples of performances are our appearances at BeestFeest and Opening of the Academic Year of the Radboud University.

Would you like a pole dance performance at your party or event please contact us!

Beestfeest performances

Amazing peformances from of our own members at beestfeest of december 2022.
A duo’s act by Lizzy and Shanie (left)
A solo act by Anouk (right)

Lost Legends of Lasya

In 2022 N.S.P.V. Lasya organised a shownight titled ”Lost Legends of Lasya”. Of course, with such an amazing show, amazing photo’s were taken. To view these pictures click the button below or the pictures on the side.