About Us

N.S.P.V. Lasya was founded in 2013-2014. Want to know more about our journey? Read it here!


Our board is the center of the association. They make sure everything is organised.


Our instructors teach the members new tricks during the training sessions!


An association without members is nothing. We are one big happy family!

Current board

This academic year our board consists of:

  • Shanie Wu – Chair
  • Malin Wagenbach – Secretary (stepped down)
  • Jody Nathans – Vice-Chair
  • Rick Vonk – Treasurer (stepped down)
  • Amber de Pagter – Commissioner External

f.l.t.r. Rick, Malin, Shanie, Jody, Amber 

For the previous boards, take a look here!


Who We Are

Hanka Venselaar

Pole dancer, aerialist, performer, but most of all a passionate instructor. In her daily life, she works as bioinformatics at the CMBI. After years of active gymnastics, she started pole dancing. Since then she won multiple impressive titles like Benelux champion, European champion and world champion poletricks.

Photographer: Roberto Duran

Diane van der Vorle

Diane is the owner of her own pole dance studio: Pole Passion. She really enjoys teaching form beginners up to the highest level. She helps our students getting confidence in them selfs by teaching them tricks they thought to be impossible.


The trainers of Lasya are a team of members within Lasya who help other members learning new tricks. They organise lessons, but also free trainings. During these free trainings, they will always be happy to help (and catch) you.


History of Lasya

Founded in 2014

Lasya was founded in 2014 by Jans van Ool, Maaike Zwart and Alba van der Have. Even though we are a young association, we have approximately 170 members. 

The name "Lasya"

The term “Lasya” refers to a dance performance by the Hindu goddess Parvati. This dance was was filled with happiness and shows grace and beauty. 

First lustrum in 2018 - 5 years

We had our first lustrum year in 2018. For this year, we had a special committee: the LustCie. This committee organised all kinds of activities with regards to our lustrum!


Our logo is based on a trick executed by one of our members. This trick is called a Shoulder Mount – a way to invert in the pole by rolling on your shoulder. This requires quite some muscles in your arms and abs!

The GAdCie

The GAdCie (General Advice Committee) is there to advise all members AND our Board. They consist of previous Board members and active members that want the best for N.S.P.V. Lasya. If the Board has a problem, the GAdCie will always be there for them. The GAdCie is also available for help to Lasya members. Do you have a question and you cannot go to the Board? You can always email us at gadcie.lasya@gmail.com

Confidentiality advisors

Within Lasya there are currently 2 confidentiality advisors. The aim of these advisors is to help you within lasya when you experience a sensitive issue. These advisors are independent from the board and can be approached by everyone.

Current advisors are:
Maarten Room and Lydia Moonen


Email – confidentialy.advisor@lasya.nl

Phone – Can be found within the monthly Lasya newsletter

Our Sponsors


Currently, these are the sponsors of our association. Are you interested in becoming a sponsor? Please use the contact form to send us a message.