N.S.P.V. Lasya - Poledancing

Welcome to the website of N.S.P.V. Lasya!

N.S.P.V. Lasya is a students sports association for pole dancing students from the Radboud University and HAN University of Applied Sciences.


Gain more muscle

Poledancing is a good sport to get fit and gain more muscle. You use your own body weight to lift yourself up in the pole.


Get more flexible

During your trainings, you will gain more flexibility in your body. This is also good for stiffness in your muscles, for example in your shoulders after working on your laptop for hours.


Be happy!

Everyone is welcome at our association! We are a big happy family!

Upcoming Member activities

What can I learn?


Weekly Trainings

The training sessions take place at the Sports Centre at the Radboud University. It is possible to join pole dancing classes through RSC using your sports card, but you can also join Lasya for more classes and free trainings! Usually, Lasya has three training days on different levels, followed by free training. During the free training you can practise what you learned during the lessons of Lasya. For the usual training schedule, take a look here!


During the trainings, you will be assisted with your pole dance tricks by our pole dance instructors Hanka Venselaar and Diane van der Vorle or the Lasya member trainers. To read more about our instructors and TraiCie, click here

Promotion video

To get an impression on what you can learn during your time at our association, look at the video! There are beginner and advanced tricks shown by members of our association.

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What has Lasya to offer?

Impression association

Weekly trainings

During the weekly trainings, our instructors Diane and Hanka or the TraiCie will help you out by learning new pole tricks. Read here more about Diane, Hanka and the TraiCie. On this page, you can find information about the trainings.

Yearly member camp

Social gatherings

Next to trainings, Lasya also organises social gatherings. For example, there are monthly drinks at Tappers, but also activities like the fotoshoot, the member camp and (pole)sports related activities! To get an impression of the activities Lasya organises, please visit the activity page here.


We organise workshops for other associations and companies who want to try pole dancing! Find more information about the workshops we give on the page below!

Not convinced yet?

Not convinced yet, or are you wondering if pole dancing is something for you? Feel free to mail us, we will gladly answer your questions! Everyone can learn how to pole, no matter your strength and your flexibility level. As there are three training evenings of different levels, there will always be an evening that fits your needs!

We have try-out sessions twice a year, at the start of the new semester. Did you miss out on the try-out sessions? Send us an email using this contact form and we will see if we can arrange something for you. 

Want to become a member?

In order to become a member of Lasya, you need to have a valid sports card at the RSC. The membership fee is as following:

  • 35 euros for a yearly membership
  • 20 euros for a bi-annual membership 
  • 5 euros for a summer membership

To become a member, fill in the form below!